Charlotte Bird  - Jasper Banner (Art Quilts)

Jasper Banner (art quilts)

Bio & Artist Statement

Artist Bio

Charlotte Bird

My art career began in 1987 after my husband and I spent most of a year in a cabin in Denali National Park in Alaska. Since then I have explored a variety of art forms including: one of a kind women's clothing, art quilts, artist books, textile design and dyeing, and mixed media sculptural forms. Textiles always have played a central role in my work. A lifelong interest in anthropology provides a foundation for many of the marks I choose to use.

My work is in both public and private collections. I am Past President of the Visions Art Museum.


Time, process and change are persistent themes in my work. Images on a continuum from cellular to outer space emerge as a piece develops. I have explored the stone form in shapes and values. Stitches percolate among the stones in a kind of meditation on change. Andy Goldsworthy inspired the first study.